Freeloader Vol. 1: Star Control 2

Scott Sharkey is the senior editor of the Features section of After clicking around the website, I discovered that he started a weekly guide called Freeloader, a guide to free games.  Although there were only 20 issues written, the first issue covered Star Control 2.  Here are a few of the nice things Scott writes about SC2:

“It’s one of those games you’ll frequently find on an editor’s TOP BESTEST GAMES EVER list…”

“The game combined equal parts real-time space combat, exploration, resource management and diplomacy with an epic plot in a formula that has since been imitated, but not yet surpassed, by games like Homeworld and Freelancer.”

“…navigating conversation trees is actually made engaging and fun by giving the player real control over their actions, allowing them to befriend potential allies, placate enemies, or just go around insulting everyone until the whole universe hates their guts.”

“…combining the best features of the 3DO version and the original PC release.”
(describing The Ur-Quan Masters re-release)

Scott Sharkey has also created the Star Control website, Ur-Quan 08, where he writes about the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za running for president.  I remember him sharing this on the UQM forums a few years ago, and we all loved it and people may not remember it now, but it’s still up and worth taking a look at.

The Ur-Quan running for president

The Ur-Quan running for president

Thanks Scott.  You can read the full article here.

Ken Levine Played Star Control

Ken Levine is the mastermind who designed the popular video game, BioShock.  It is one of his best known games to date.

Jason Ocampo from IGN writes about the keynote speech he gave at the 2008 Penny Arcade Expo:

After failing in Hollywood Levine talked about drifting for seven years before he rediscovered a love for gaming. This was in the late 80s and early 90s, with games such as Ultima Underworld, Star Control, and Warcraft becoming his[Ken Levine] passion. “I got lured back into gaming,” he said, “and I got lured back in hard.” Eventually he realized that there were people making a living making games, so he bought a games magazine, looked in the back, and discovered the help wanted ads in the back.

That’s right!  Star Control was a strong factor that got him to start a career in video games.  Perhaps he’d enjoy playing a true sequel to Star Control II.

Source: PAX 2008: Ken Levine Talks Childhood, Not BioShock