The Ur-Quan Masters 2 Video

Here’s a video recorded by Jordan Myronuk showing off what have so far during development. It also shows off how this will be making the transition to the third dimension with ship combat and space travel.

I like the way the planets are shown with the moon orbit paths shown with lines just like in UQM. It makes it easier to find a moon in 3D space without forcing the player to reorient themselves every time.

The 3D planets look very nice as well. The clouds moving around the planets gives the impression of layers for the planet rather than a static texture or animation loop.

A Star Control game is no easy task. In fact, when TFB was working on SC2, Accolade wanted them to finish the game before they completed everything. This would result in things such as the removal of the Groombridge encounter and the infamous planet lander bug.

Anyways, the video is a good teaser of what’s to come. Making the transition to the third dimension is always tricky. I can’t wait to see more.

What do you think about the transition from 2D to 3D, whether it is Star Control or another game?

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I know it’s been long since I’ve written anything; months.

I’ve been so busy with personal stuff. Right now, I’m just astonished by how much the internet has evolved over the years and the impact of social media. There are people out there with bigger blogs without paid hosting or personalized e-mail addresses. So much content posted on Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. Everyone’s re-tweeting, re-blogging, #hashtagging and sharing. Don’t get me wrong; I’m glad people are using these products. I do comment on other posts and articles and I always try to briefly summarize it and give my opinion on it.

I never went into this wanting to be an internet celebrity. I just wanted to by a guy with a .com blog with complete control and interesting things to write about. It was a conscious decision to use my real name; I’m not an alter ego or a comedian. I’ve had some interesting contacts by doing this; one person was under the false assumption that I created Star Control and asked for a copy of the game; I wrote a lengthy response explaining that is NOT the case.

I want to do a playthrough of a video game with commentary. With my tight schedule, I’d like to play something that can be played in a single sitting. There are so many games released that are not getting as much recognition as they should. The sci-fi and fantasy genre is growing and the the indie community is rising.

  • Congratulations on TFB for 25 years of success. I remember when I was curious about what their next project could be after Madagascar 2, I assumed it was going to be Madagascar 3. I remember the surprise of the new Skylanders franchise. It dominated the toy and kid’s game market and quickly translated to billions of dollars in sales. TFB mixed their unique creative talents, hardware skills, creativity and created something new and exceeded TFB’s expectations. I’m looking forward to Trap Team. Maybe they’ll throw in more Star Control references for this one too.
  • I’ll try to be more active on the forums again. I think forums are really cool, because it’s all archived and the owners have control over content.
  • I just realized it’s been so long since I’ve done a playthrough of Archon of the Full Game of Star Control 1.

The public library I’m at is blocking access to WTF?
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In conclusion, the site will remain running and I still have some ideas for the future. Stay in tune. If you want me to check out any games in particular, want me to check out something else in particular or have any questions, please let me know. My e-mail is anthony at starcontroller dot con and my Twitter is @starcontroller.