SC2 Intro Remake

This is one of six songs in a free album called “reTracked Patterns” by various artists:

“I took 6 songs by famous tracker musicians of early 90s and reworked them in Apple Garage Band with a few additional software synthesizers.”

This is the first song played in the PC version of Star Control II which describes the aftermath of the Ur-Quan war.

The original composer is Dan Nicholson

Manwe (Alexander Matchugovsky) composed this remix. It’s a really cool remake; it sounds fairly close to the original, with an electric guitar and synth sounds added. It’s good to see that there are more remixes of SC2 music emerging; a good sign that there is still a strong fan base. Think about any of your video games. Have you heard any remixes or seen the original tracks uploaded to a popular site such as YouTube?

Here is the link to the MP3: Star Control 2 intro

Thanks Alexander for taking the time to do the remake. I know there are remixes out there that I haven’t listened to yet.  I’d love to play them in Audiosurf if I ever had the time. For example, there are newer tracks from TheMisterCat that I still haven’t heard.  I’ll add “remixes” to my mental to-do list.

reTracked Patterns
Pkunk’s Not Dead
PONAF: Star Control Fan Music

Edit: Crediting the right people for the remix and pointing out that Dan was responsible for the original music.

2 Responses to “SC2 Intro Remake”

  1. Good find, but your description is completely off the mark.
    Maelcum (aka Dan Nicholson) was the composer of the original track for SC2. The remixer appears to be one Manwe (Alexander Matchugovsky).
  2. Thanks for letting me know. The website where the music can be played reads "Intro by Maelcum/KFMF, made for Star Control 2 game". I know there's Manwe is in the MP3 file info, so I'll update the article shortly. Sorry about the mix up.