“… for the cost of a handful of lattes, you can help build a virtual world in which your character could be drinking virtual lattes with a femme fatale (who’s probably a dragon in disguise) while blowing the crap out of everything around you with a smart gun. Isn’t that what we all want?”
– Jordan Weisman, Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter Video

“What could possibly go wrong?”
– Tim Schafer, Double Fine Adventure Game Kickstarter Video

Yes, I have finally uploaded my own video commentary. I’ve always wanted to make one, but I never had the time or resources. So after some careful thinking and feeling the need to experiment, I finally decided to give it a shot. Video editing is a longer process than I thought it would be.

In case anyone is wondering, here is my current setup:

  • Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum HD
  • Blue Snowball USB Microphone

I mentioned Transformer: Fall of Cybertron and Prototype 2 as Activision-published games that have science fiction elements. I didn’t mention Battleship from Double Helix. From what I’ve seen, it’s a first-person shooter and looks very similar to Call of Duty. However, it is worth noting that Double Helix is using a proprietary engine. Other than that, it gives the impression of a action-oriented shooter with aliens. The movie it is loosely based on received mixed reviews internationally.

Another game developer I wish I mentioned was Wolfire Games. They are currently working on Overgrowth. Their business model works by accepting pre-orders, and releasing a weekly beta version of what they have worked on so far that anyone who pre-ordered can play. In addition, they are behind the “Humble Indie Bundle” sales that pay developers and charity.

I hope to make more videos in the future and to improve upon my scripted dialog.

What do you think about the Kickstarter phenomenon?

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6 Responses to “Kickstarter”

  1. In my opinion, Kickstarter is in a boom right now, but what will follow is a bust. Anyone in now, anyone getting their project funded, good for you. But in a year or less enough of these projects aren't going to go all the way and people will stop investing. All it'll take is one big one defaulting on their promises, taking the money, and running, and a media flurry will cause this whole thing to come crashing down.

    I'm saying this because I can't start a kick starter right now and I'm going to miss it.
  2. Good point, Joe. They'd have to have a pretty hard to convince a lot of people and collect enough money to make it worth their while. Then again, anything is possible with photoshop.

    Speaking of sites people will forget, does anyone even remember
  3. My friend actually used IndieGoGo to raise some money to help finish a movie he was shooting. He didn't quite make what he needed, but he did raise some money, and he did end up finishing it, so qualified success story?
  4. I'd call that a success.
  5. Interesting video- thanks for that :) Yeah, I think Kickstarter is a limited-time phenomenon too. I see why it's more successful than IndieGogo, apart from publicity, the key difference is the all-or-nothing approach. People aren't evaluating whether they think you have "enough" to do the project or not, they know that either they help you reach the target or you get nothing. It isn't sustainable really, although it may keep going as long as the kickstarter team continue to appropriately vet projects... but games are so risky that it's almost impossible to tell.
  6. Stardock picked up the rights to Star Control and states they will begin development of a reboot of the series.