Duke Nukem Loves Star Control

I just got a message from someone very famous and powerful. 😉 This person has shown his support for a new Star Control game.  His name is Duke Nukem:

CLICK HERE: Duke Nukem Loves Star Control (MP3)

“I love the smell of dead Ur-Quan in the morning. I love exploring hyperspace, controlling starships, blasting enemies and getting it on with that hot Syreen commander, Talana. Star Control 2 is the best science fiction game ever made! Activision better let Toys for Bob make a new one or else I will get medieval on their asses! You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry, Activision! What the hell is Frungy anyway? Star Control rules!”
– Duke Nukem

This is no imitation!  This is the real thing made by the same person who did the Duke voiceovers for Duke Nukem 3D, the amazing Jon St. John.

He did a great job with this.  Although we only communicated through e-mails, he got the audio done in a timely and professional manner and I had the biggest smile on my face when I played that MP3 file for the first time.  It was awesome!

I’d like to thank Jon St. John along with everyone else at Jon St. John Productions for their work and allowing me to share this online.  It really means a lot to me and the rest of the Star Control community.

And yes, Star Control rules!

12 Responses to “Duke Nukem Loves Star Control”

  1. Daaaaamn son. Huge props to you.
  2. This is sweet, I'm gonna send this everywhere!
  3. awesome, duke nukem meet sc2....how joyfull I am!!!!
  4. I'm here to kick ass and buy Melnorme fuel. And I'm all out of credits.
  5. Nice. How did this come to be? Is the voice actor a SC fan, or would he have done this for any game? If he is a fan, how did you find out?
  6. Gee, a thousand thanks for that. Maybe we can get David Warner (Jon Irenicus' voice actor from BGII:SoA) to do something like this too. ;D
  7. Awesome work! "I love the smell of burnt Ur-Quan in the morning", coming from the Duke Nukem man himself.
  8. Usually, posting a reply somewhere saying that you're speechless is useless and considered vulgar or annoying. But I'll do it anyways:
    Whoa! I'm speechless! *gasp*
  9. That's plain awesome.
  10. Wow, I'm glad that everyone loves the Duke Nukem speech. I'd like to take a moment to answer a question. Meep-Eep asks if JSJ is a fan of Star Control. The answer is "I don't know".

    JSJ creates custom Duke ringtones and recordings for a fee. I asked him if he could make a custom Duke recording which I could share online for people to download for free, and he gave me a fair price considering how popular Duke Nukem is and his 30+ years of experience. I had cash to spare and I wanted to show that I am serious about supporting a new Star Control game, so I decided to pay for his services, and I am very happy with his work.

    He's a really nice guy, and it's really fun listening to him during interviews and bloopers. I'm glad that I chose him for this, and not some imitator. And, YES, this is the same person who did the Duke voices in Duke Nukem 3D and Forever when it comes out.
  11. Just got SC2 again last month. And it still rocks!!!! But dam, I wanna sequel.
  12. Activision, what are you waiting for? Christmas?