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On April 11 2006, Alex Ness wrote a news article on the TFB website about a game they would be revealing at E3 (Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam).  He started with the words “Star Control sequel – Get out of my dreams”.  In the article, he asked people who love Star Control to send him an e-mail showing our support which he will use to show Activision, “along with a loaded handgun” that they would like their next game to be a Star Control sequel.  Unfortunately, this didn’t happen after Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam was released and worked on a video game adaptation of Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa after.  They are currently working on an unannounced game.

If you would like to send an e-mail to Alex Ness showing your support, his e-mail address is:

Alex is a very nice person, with a great sense of humor.  If you’re having trouble getting inspired to write a letter, I wrote a basic letter that you can freely add, remove and change to your liking so that you can make this template your own:

Hi Alex,

Today, I was reading various news articles about video games when I discovered that Toys for Bob would like their next game to be a true sequel to Star Control II with Activision.  As a great fan of Star Control, I couldn’t help but write a letter because with all of the games that have been made after Star Control II, there hasn’t been anything that is just like it.

Whenever I ask myself why I love Star Control so much, I have an incredibly hard time choosing only one reason.  It’s not just one thing that makes Star Control awesome; it’s the music, ships, dialog, different alien fonts, deep storyline, simple controls, colorful visuals and I can go on about the masterpieces known as Star Control and Star Control II.  By today’s standards, it has an old-school look and feel that gives players a sense of nostalgia, and still provides a good challenge to unite alien races together and form an alliance to save the universe from the evil Ur-Quan.

With the countless hours of dedicated hard work put into Star Control II and all the things that made it unique and spectacular, there is no denying that this game deserves a true sequel to answer some questions left in the series and even ask some new ones.

It’s obvious that you will make one hit after another for the rest of your life and the next Star Control will definitely be another Science Fiction masterpiece that will bring more fans into the Star Control franchise.  The time to create a new Star Control game is whatever time you choose and if that time is now, we, the fans, will support you 100%.