Utwig Jugger vs. 5 Mycon Podships

SpacemanSpiff11 recorded a video of him controlling an Utwig Jugger and destroying 5 Mycon Podships in a row.

Because of the Jugger’s energy shield, the Mycon don’t stand a chance at all.  The damage from the Podship’s blast constantly refills the Jugger’s energy, so it can be used again at the right time when the opponent attacks.  This is actually a very interesting way to take heavy-hitting ships such as the Dreadnought, Marauder and Avatar and turn it against them.  The Jugger is one of my favorite ships because of this.

It’s the only ship where I intentionally fly into enemy fire.  Sometimes I do it with the Pkunk Fury when I have some crew left and hope that I’ll resurrect again.

There are some things worth noting about the Jugger.  Did you know that if an Androsynth Guardian attacks a Jugger with its Blazer form, the Jugger’s shield will protect it from damage but it will not recharge the batteries?  Also, the Jugger’s shield provides no protection against the Shofixti Scout’s self-destruct ability.  The Chenjesu’s Broodhome’s DOGI projectiles easily drain the Jugger’s sheld batteries, rendering its shields useless and vulnerable to future damage.

Good job, SpacemanSpiff11.

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