Huffi Muffi Guffi - Spathi

I’ve posted justanimate’s Spathi test videos before a while back.  Those were only a few seconds, but this one has audio and even displays the sacred TFB logo in all its awesomeness.

The animation is very smooth and organic and I love the lighting.  It’s simple, and the colors stand out easily from the white background.  I’m no artist myself; I’m just trying to describe some of the things I love about this 11 second clip.

For those who don’t remember, the phrase “Huffi Muffi Guffi” is the Secret Spathi Cypher that they have sworn to never reveal.  The player can either get this cypher from Fwiffo or Trademaster Greenish, in order to communicate with the Spathi High Council.

Again, another great job justanimate! :D

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