Ur-Quan Masters Let's Play - Super Melee

(Videos removed)

Redpowervan has been making Let’s Play videos of Star Control II: The Ur-Quan Masters for a while now.

Let’s Play is a style of video game recording where the player narrates their thoughts, strategies and actions while playing the game.

He decided to play through about 20 minutes of Super Melee against the Awesome Cyborg and explain the different ships as he plays with and against them.  He also mentioned that not being able to see the planet on the screen can throw off his strategy sometimes, and I agree completely.  This happens to me too, especially with the slow ships.

He also mentioned that when a player chooses a ship, it’s similar to “rock paper and scissors”, a much more complex version of it.  Everyone who plays Star Control has an idea of what ships can be used to defeat other ships.  For my style, if I can, I try to defeat larger ships by using at least 2 ships to take it down.

The commentary is very nice.  Thanks redpowervan.  He is also recording videos of the story mode and is currently at 19 videos as of this post.

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