Admiral ZEX Plushy!

(Video removed)

ZarlaSheenaza has a one of the best friends in the world:  A person who is able to take a character from the Star Control Universe and convert it into plush form.  Apparently, they’re at a convention of some kind.

I’d choose this over the Portal cube any day!  Speaking of video game merchandise, it can be very expensive to buy toys from video games at times.  Usually toys inspired by video games are manufactured and sold exclusively in Japan and to have them shipped to North America can greatly increase the price and can even cost more than the toy itself.  Sometimes, a toy can have royalty fees added to the cost of each toy, because the designer of that particular item may influence how they profit from sales.  That means that there are small plush toys out there the size of my fist that cost $95 USD.  In addition to that, sometimes the manufacturers will intentionally produce a set number of these collectibles.  For example, there may be only 500 blue Ryu (Street Fighter) action figures in a rare fighting stance in the whole world, and because of their rarity, they will be worth more.  In summary, when someone pays for an official collectible video game item, that person will pay for more than just the materials sometimes.

If there was a voice chip inside, it probably wouldn’t say anything nice because the VUX think that humans are the ugliest creatures they’ve ever seen.  I’d rather hear “You are hideously ugly” over “Hello… I am Tinky Winki…” any day!

Thanks for making the video of ZEX, ZarlaSheenaza and hang on to that plushy.  It’s AWESOME!

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