Melee Stunt Videos: Ur-Quan vs. Alliance

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"There seems to be a right way for Ur‐Quan to trounce each individual Alliance vessel without getting beat up too badly. This test of endurance can be a lot of fun once you get the routine for every Allied ship down. If I had to rank them in order of which ships piss me off the most, the list would be Yehat, Chenjesu, Arilou, Earthling, Syreen, Mmrnmhrm, Shofixti."
‐ Shiver

Shiver has created a series of videos called “Melee Stunt Videos” on Viddler.

In this Hierarchy vs. Alliance video, he showed us that the Ur-Quan Dreadnought is not as much of a slow “banana boat” as some people may believe.  The 14 ships shown in this video are the ones that are only seen in the first Star Control game, with 7 ships on each side.

He’s done a great job editing this, with a text introduction that cuts to clips of other Hierarchy ships being obliterated by the Alliance ships, leaving the Dreadnought with the sole responsibility of avenging their deaths and showing that the Ur-Quan has a few advantages.  He even does some cool tricks such as blasting the Earthling Cruiser’s missile and using the fusion blasts as a form of defense to push the opponent away instead of constantly moving away with his back facing the enemy.

Nicely done, Shiver.  Thanks for sharing these videos.

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