To Mine the Heavens (Song)

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MenloMarseilles (Peter Garnett) took the planet exploring music from Star Control II, wrote his own lyrics, and sung over this track to create a very nice opera-style song.

I believe this is the first time I’ve encountered a Star Control fan song.  It’s definitely better than my cheap song, “na na na na na na… Star Control! na na na na na na”.

Here are the lyrics:

To Mine the Heavens by Peter Garnett:

Rome wasn't built in a day
Nor can I fight enslavement
Without allies or resources
Go exploring
Mine the heavens

There I will find
What I need for a fleet
In the cold of these worlds
And the warmth of these suns
I'm alone with my thoughts
And my gold
And the pain
When my men fight and die
In the lightning and rain

And yet

If we would defeat our slavers
More resources still are needed
Must press onward
Must keep searching
Mine the stars 'til
They're defeated...

Good job MenloMarseilles.  The Precursors team would be proud of you!  Maybe this will inspire other people to write their own Star Control songs. ;)

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