Ur-Quan Masters: XNA Melee

Mr. Brian decided to indulge in his latest incarnation of the XNA melee that he’s been working hard on.  This video is different because he shows us a new mode called “Arcade Mode”.  He decided to provide some commentary about his latest version of XNA Star Control 2 and does a good job at it, even though he says that he’s nervous.

He even included mouse support in the game, meaning that he got it before the UQM team did. :D  There’s even a button at the top that determines if the ship is player or computer controlled with the same difficulty levels.  The images on the buttons used here are the same ones from the first Star Control game.

In this version, the player can zoom in and out my moving the right analog stick back and forth on the Xbox 360 controller.

He also has plans on getting a stats screen up and running.  I think this is a great idea.  On the official UQM forums, people sometimes set up Star Control 2 tournaments on the weekends and the winners are revealed on the forum threads.  With the stats in this version, there would be a lot more to know from a match other than whether or not someone won or lost.

Like, I’ve said before, other than the GP2X version, this is the only other console port of UQM that does not require the console to be modified or the user to run the code through any unlicensed devices.

This is definitely something worth looking at in the future for Star Control.  Keep up the good work, Mr. Brian!

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