A Star Control 2 Western

Do not take this video seriously! :P

Zarla is a big fan of Star Control II and has drawn many Star Control related pictures.  She has her own DeviantArt page.

The Star Control 2 Western video she made was inspired by another video titled “Super Mario World Western Show”.  This is why some words in the subtitles are crossed out and replaced with words such as “Talana” and “Aliens”.  The Captain’s appearance is based on the images shown at the end of the PC version Star Control II after the Sa-Matra is destroyed.

The feelings expressed by ZEX towards the Captain in this video are based on the way he describes his love for humans:

"We see the... beauty in you Humans. The value in a long‐term... relationship. You are different, yes. But personally, I like difference. In fact, I ADORE it. Your physique is so wonderfully varied! Your many rigid appendages, your tiny double eyes, your varied skin coloration, and the delightful patchwork of hair covering only parts of your bodies leaving other parts bare and smooth! Mmmmmm!"
‐ Admiral ZEX

Zarla has drawn other cartoons that make fun of ZEX’s desire to have the Captain.

It’s funny because it’s just so random and weird.  It’s cool to the the Orz pop into the video every now and then.  She also described some of the Japanese words that are used in the song to help people understand what is going on:

"KY actually stands for 'Kuuki Yome' which basically means "Try to understand the situation" in a sort of 'please don't make me spell this out' kind of way, and tsundere is a Japanese word for someone who acts mean/angry, but turns out to be sweet underneath."
‐ Zarla

Thanks Zarla for taking the time to make this.

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