Zenzmurfy's SC2 Endgame Animatics

Zenzmurfy has worked on many pictures and videos of Star Control.  He also created various 3D renderings of Ur-Quan, Shofixti, Yehat, Spathi and more.

The video above is the beginning of his goal to recreate the ending of Star Control II in wonderful 3D:

"This animatic is over seven years old. Re‐creating the Star Control 2 ending into 3D has been a goal I had ever since I completed playing the game. This version is fairly faithful to the original version. I also have a slightly embellished version with more scenes not in the original.

Thanks to finally getting a working video editor, I have taken the silent animatic and added temporary sound FX and music and dialogue from the original game."
‐ Zenzmurfy

There’s a lot of changes between the first and second version and they’re both worth looking at.

After I watched these videos, I remembered how colorful Star Control is; every race used different sets of colors with shapes that looked very different from each other; if each ship was a silhouette, players can still tell them apart.

Thanks for sharing this, Zenzmurfy.  Great stuff!  Check out his fan page and his new blog.  Check it out!

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