Pkunk's Not Dead

Audiosurf is a very interesting rhythm game because it generates levels based on whatever audio file is selected.  This means that my entire music collection can easily turn into levels that I can play in.  In my opinion, the level generation engine is excellent and does more than track bass and drum snares.  It can create distinct levels with various block layouts, bumps, hills, valleys and twists.  It's one of my favorite independent games and anyone with a music collection would love it.  I have a fairly fast computer, so I set the graphic settings to "Premium" so it has more visual effects shown than other people who leave it at the "Normal" setting.

So I decided to play some Star Control music and it turned out to be a very nice ride.  This is the Precursors remix which can be heard in The Ur-Quan Masters if the remix pack is installed.

The Precursors is a group of 4 skilled musicians who formed together to create the remixes when Toys for Bob released the 3DO source code:

"Riku Nuottajärvi got the idea for remixing all of the 69 Star Control 2 songs for the remake – but the project just looked too big for one composer to do alone. Toys For Bob was really interested in Riku’s idea for bringing all of the music to the "new age" – so they asked him to manage the project and invite people from the fan community to join the remixing project."
- Precursors, The Story so Far

I didn't even realize that there were as many as 69 songs in the Star Control soundtrack until I read that.  It's been years since UQM Remix Pack 3 and still no word of the fouth pack, The  New Alliance of Free Stars.  The are additional remixes on the Precursors website, but they are not in a zip format that can be used as an addon for UQM and other themes such as the Syreen have not yet been remixed.

Since we're on the subject of remixes, our friend Shiver made a thread on the UQM forum about someone named TheMisterCat who also made a few remixes, which include the Syreen.  He also included a bonus remix from a personal friend of his.

Link: TheMisterCat's Star Control Remixes
Link: The Precursors

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