Jam Enslaver Reviews Star Control II

Jam Enslaver (anagram of James Valner) is a well-respected member of the NooBTooB community.  He has made several reviews for games on Xbox Live Arcade, Nintendo’s Virtual Console, Playstation Network and even older consoles.  Some of these videos have been featured on episodes of NooBTooB.  So I was very surprised when he put this review together for Star Control II.

His only criticism of the game is the combat due to the fact that  it can be difficult to control at times and it can be easier to run away from enemies.  This is true, especially for avoiding those probes at the start of the game until you have enough fuel to speak to the Slylandro or at least upgrade the flagship’s weapons to take them down easily.  The combat portion of the game is still lots of fun for two human players.  It’s also great for people who want to master their ship-fighting skills or want to know how each ship can be used to take down other ships specifically.

It’s a really nice interview.  I like how he pointed out the many changes from the first Star Control by showing off the visuals, music, plot and character dialog.  Thanks Jam Enslaver.

Link: James’ Ivory Tower blog

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