StarCon Post Revision

I have been notified that the files that I have uploaded are missing an important file: STARCON_T02.WAV.  This is an important file that is required if anyone wanted to burn this file to a CD.  When I first downloaded the file Dreamer uploaded, I extracted the contents, copied over the BIN and CUE file, missing the WAV file.  It worked fine in ePSXe and I wrongly assumed that I had everything required.  As a result of using 2 computers at the same time and working hastily, I recreated a zip file and reuploaded it.

I am deeply sorry for the confusion I have caused.  I have reuploaded the files and if you have downloaded the files previously from any links that I have provided, here is the correct RAR file:

Thanks to everyone who pointed this out to me.

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