Alex O'Neil Plays Hyperspace Theme

(Video removed)

A few weeks ago, Angelfish sent me an e-mail about a video he found on Youtube. It was a video of Alex O’Neil playing the Hyperspace theme on his microKORG keyboard, a very interesting synthesizer.  He dedicates the video to another Youtube user, UBCForce who is also a big fan of Star Control and has some gameplay videos of his own.  I think this is the first time I have ever seen anyone play Star Control music on camera.

One of the many things that make Star Control unique is its music.  Each track represents feelings of space exploration and meeting different types of aliens who are friendly, confused and downright hostile.  The music can feel very exotic at times and each race has its own style, mood and diverse choice of instruments.  Star Control II is one of the first PC games to use Amiga’s MOD music format.  While Star Control II was in development, Paul and Fred created a contest asking people to compose some music and send it to them.  The authors of the music chosen would receive a cash prize, their name in the credits and a copy of the awesome game.  I even loved the music from Star Control 1; I still remember the loud music blaring out of my PC speaker back in the days for every victory ditty, sound effect and Hierarchy and Alliance victory music at the end of each Melee and Full Game.

Thanks Alex for uploading Star Control videos and to Angelfish for sending the Hyperspace music link to me.


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