A Campaign for a New Star Control

We will slowly build our strength, unify an allied starfleet, and bring the Ur‐Quan to their knee‐equivalents.
‐ The Captain

A long time ago, I considered writing directly to an Activision employee regarding Toys for Bob wanting to make a new Star Control game. I wanted to write a letter to one of their producers about TFB’s desire to make a new Star Control game and how it would influence the gaming world positively. It would be great to have someone from Activision who supports our cause. I know that Alex wrote on their news page about how they once showed interest in a new Star Control:

Well, we have talked to our parent company Activision about doing a Star Control sequel, quite seriously, and there did honestly seem to be some real live interest on their part. At least on the prototype and concept‐test level.
‐ Alex Ness, "To All That Doubt The Power Of News, Behold!", June 14, 2007

Ultimately, I chose not to send the letter. My main reason is that a single letter couldn’t get Activision to open their minds to a new Star Control. Even if I got more people to do it, it wouldn’t change the fact that they’re notorious for pumping sequels to their main franchises (e.g. Guitar Hero, Call of Duty, Movie licenses).  Some people say “please and thank you go a long way”, but it takes a lot more to convince a multi-million company to try something new.

A few weeks ago, Serge (meep-eep) started a thread on the UQM Forums called “A Campaign for a New Star Control”.  Since TFB’s unannounced game may be released sometime in 2010, he wanted to do more than collect “I love Star Control” testimonials.  He wants to collect information and put it together as an article on Ultronomicon, UQM’s Wiki.  It will contain information such as games that share similarities to Star Control, praise Star Control as an amazing game and most of all, how Activision will benefit from a new Star Control game.

Whenever TFB makes any announcements about completing their current project, we could spread the word about Star Control and get Activision’s attention.

We’ve got plenty of time and I think this is an incredible idea.  The Star Control fan base is full of artists, bloggers, writers, coders, posters, lurkers, poets and musicians.  If you would like to contribute, please check out the UQM forums and the Ultronomicon.

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