Vote Star Control II and 4 other games for PC Gamer Top 100

Vote Star Control II!

While I was surfing the web, an interesting website popped up in my Google Alerts:

Welcome to the PC Gamer Top 100

We need your help to decide the Top 100 PC games of all time. To vote, follow these three easy steps.

  1. Search for games
  2. Pick your top 5 games
  3. Order and submit

This reminds me of the “Top 49 Game Developers” I’ve seen in their magazine.  I encouraged fans to e-mail them about selecting Toys for Bob as their 50th best developer. I don’t think they had any plans for publicizing what the most voted choice is; they were curious about what readers would choose.

This time, their list is different.  This website shows the editorial top 100 with Star Control II at #54, above big-budget titles such as Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (#98), Far Cry 2 (#93), Crysis (#76)  and Street Fighter IV (#60).  That is their top 100 PC games of all time.

After clicking on a game title, it will open the game’s page where it will show some images, a percentage rating and which issue it was reviewed in.  Unfortunately Star Control II was never reviewed in PC Gamer, so that part is blank. :’(

PC Gamer is allowing people to vote for 5 games.  We have the power to get Star Control II on that list.  I just wish that I found out about this earlier.  They started collecting votes since December 16.  They will list the top 100 games chosen by readers in the March issue of PC Gamer.

Please select Star Control II as your first choice!  After selecting Star Control II, there are 4 more slots for any games you desire.  Don’t forget to submit the votes after choosing.  Spread the word!

PC Gamer Top 100
Star Control II on PC Gamer Top 100
Vote Toys for Bob

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