Quick Announcements

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. With so many personal priorities getting in the way, I’ve only been able to read on video game related news and create a mental list of things to write about in the future. I thought it would be fair to share my list with you. Keep in mind that this list is things I would like to write about and nothing has been “set into stone”:

  • Voting has ended for PC Gamer Top 100.  It will be a month or 2 until we see the results.
  • We missed Paul Reiche's birthday.  It was on February 17 and it is the same birthday as Paris Hilton and Michael Jordan.
  • I wanted to integrate Twitter into the blog.  I have a twitter page (@starcontroller).  So does Paul Reiche (@PaulReiche3), Arianna Reiche (@ariannareiche) and Chad from Star-Control.com (@chadjd).  I do update my Twitter account occasionally and I hope to make better use of it in the future.  If you have Twitter, please follow us.
  • With talk of downloadable characters in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, there's a very strong demand for ToeJam & Earl.  These characters  and their game were created by Greg Johnson, a longtime friend of Paul.  Sega wants to use these characters without paying Greg, which is ridiculous.  Can you imagine if Hideo Kojima didn't get paid for having Solid Snake in Super Smash Bros. Brawl?  I have recently learned that Greg did not get paid for the Virtual Console port of ToeJam & Earl due to legal complications.  I feel very bad about these things and I hope that Greg gets paid fairly for it if Sega wants to use his characters.  After all, it is one of the most popular and unique games on the Genesis.  He deserves respect and payment for it!
  • There are some things about the birth of The Ur-Quan Masters that I'd like to write about and might interest people.
  • Did you know that Crystal Dynamics had a demo disc for the 3DO called "Sample This!"?  It included The Horde and Star Control II along with a few others.
  • Have you heard about the senior employee terminations at Infinity Ward?  There is an issue with royalty payments from the stellar success of Modern Warfare 2.  What does this have to do with TFB?  First of all, it's an example that no video game developer is immune to the recession, legal technicalities and there are no measurable trends to predict these things.  I respect Infinity Ward and whenever I think about TFB, they are one of the few developers that made one of my favorite childhood games and still active in the industry.  TFB does a great job at keeping their plates full with projects, satisfying their publishers and respects their fanbase as if there were 50 million of us.
  • Star Control has been mentioned in various Mass Effect 2 reviews.  Some people have even gone as far as to compare the way ships travel in both games.  I haven't played ME2 yet and I hope to get it soon to see for myself.

Don’t worry, Star Controller is still here.  Please subscribe to the site’s RSS/Atom feed.  Subscribe to the TFB news feed; I know it’s been a long time since there’s been an official announcement, but when it happens, my little PHP script will shine, hopefully. :D  Anything could happen in the future…

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