Archon Classic - Light Campaign: The Hunt

I finally got back to playing Archon Classic again.  I use Fraps for recording gameplay.  With screen recording software, it’s important to have a powerful computer with plenty of storage.  In addition, it is crucial to have software that can convert the raw recordings into a format that is much smaller, retains the same quality and compatible with whatever service I am using it with; in this case, Viddler.  I am using VirtualDub to crop and combine the video clips into one, and Windows Media Encoder to convert it to a smaller WMV format.  I’d like to thank everyone who gave me advice about what software to use.

Anyways, I really like the campaign so far.  The previous iterations of Archon that I’ve played, the only way of playing was only the board and all the pieces arranged on opposite sides like a chess board.  The difficult could be adjusted or two people can play against each other.  The Conquest campaign in Archon Classic was originally on the iPhone and I think it make a good transition over to PC.  It is compatible with the Xbox 360 controller which works well.  However, I am usually playing this on different PCs, so I usually use the keyboard so I’m not moving the controller around every time.

I haven’t honed my Archon skills yet and these campaign missions are giving me an opportunity to get used to various strengths and weaknesses.  I still need to get used to light and dark squares and how they alternate over time.

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