Paul Reiche III's D&D History

"Erol, Mat and I wrote the text, Erol penned all the illustrations and my mom Georgiann (the world's first Star Control II fan), typed the whole thing on her Selectric II."

A Google Alert popped up that I found really interesting.  James Maliszewski from Grognardia, a tabletop RPG blog, interviewed the great Paul Reiche III about his beginnings as a Dungeons & Dragons writer, how he met Erol Otus in high school.  Paul jokingly states that of all the answers he gives, “less than half of them are pure lies.” :D

"I have always struggled to bridge these artificially created divisions, both in theme and in structure, as with the strategy/action hybrid video games, Archon and Star Control."

On a personal note, I have played Dungeons & Dragons, although it was very limited.  I was in Grade 9 and I hung out at a friend’s house and we played a couple of games.  I remember he even showed me the manual for the original Baldur’s Gate manual, which evolved into an excellent RPG series currently available on  As school became more complicated, I had less time for D&D and my tabletop RPG experience ended quickly.

It’s a really cool interview and definitely worth reading.  It was a combination on Paul’s D&D experience, creativity and the friends he made along the way that contributed to the legacy he has now.

Interview: Paul Reiche III

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