Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure

In less than 24 hours, what was considered rumor is now fact: Toys for Bob has been working on Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure, an interesting game that utilizes alternate reality through collectible toys and a USB-powered device called a “portal”.

"The developers at Toys for Bob stated that every figurine is hand‐painted; if Skylanders takes off though, they'll surely have to find a quicker way to produce these figurines."
‐ Andy Burt,, "Skylanders Spyro's Adventure preview"

As of this post, a rating by the ESRB is still pending.  It is scheduled to be released this Fall.  Activision and Toys R Us are working together to promote the game.

I skimmed through various forums and blogs and noticed that Spyro fans have mixed feelings towards this. I have never played any of the Spyro games so I don’t know much about the series myself.  Insomniac Games made the first three Spyro games.  I think Activision put Spyro into this to make this part of the Spyro franchise which they own, much like why Sega threw Sonic into Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, despite the fact he’s not them main character.  To TFB fans such as myself, I’m just glad to see what TFB’s latest game is and curious to see what they’ve done as they have expanded over the years to work on this incredibly large project.  I should try to understand Spyro is all about before Skylanders is released.

One thing that is obvious is that Skylanders is geared towards a younger audience.  This game reminds me of my own childhood days when I loved games such as Pokemon, Digimon and Magic: The Gathering.  I understand what Eric Hirshberg means when he explained that the wonderful people at Toys for Bob noticed their children playing with toys and video games and having different experiences.  Skylanders would bring these experiences together and “amplify them”.  It makes me wish I was a kid again.

As strange as it sounds, I want to buy this and check it out myself.  The last TFB game I purchased was Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam.  I remember in one of Alex’s e-mails he told me that this game will have “some cool story and gameplay elements that feel more classic Toys For Bob”.  The game will be sold with three toys and the portal device starting at $70.00.  Although it is “multi-platform”, only the Wii version has been shown so far.  If it’s multi-platform, will it be cross-platform?  Can I take those same toys and use them on another console?  I’m still curious to experience it myself.

Joel Cohen and Alec Sokolow (writers of Toy Story) wrote the story behind Skylanders. Hans Zimmer composed the music for this game and previously composed music for The Dark Knight and The Lion King.

Activision seems to be developing an affinity for peripherals: Guitars, drums, keyboards, bass, turntables, microphones, skateboards, a fishing rod and this brand new portal device.  What are the chances of characters from Star Control or ToeJam & Earl showing up one day?

Keep in mind that the name “Toys for Bob” has no particular meaning and isn’t related to Skylanders.  They chose this name because they simply liked it and how it stands out.

What do you think about Skylanders?  Will you consider buying Skylanders and checking it out?

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