What's in a Name: Toys for Bob

Mike Schramm from Joystiq wrote an article about the history behind how Toys for Bob got its name.  This is part of a “What’s in a Name” series of articles that include other companies such as PopCap, Black Isle Studios and BioWare.  Paul Reiche is quoted and mentions how his wife came up with the name as a way to generate interest:

"Whenever you're putting together a studio, right, it's like name, t‐shirt, and then let's do the contract. So Fred [Ford] and I had formed a partnership to do Star Control 1. And we had all of these different names laid out, including this Bosco the Bee mascot that didn't work out. And finally my wife ‐‐ she's a poet, very interested in psychology ‐‐ she said create a name that generates interest, that doesn't distance yourself from people, and that you can reinvent."

Some of the comments on this article mention support for a new Star Control, which is awesome.

Thanks Mike for taking the time to write about Toys for Bob.

Check it out.

What’s in a Name: Toys for Bob
Joystiq: What’s in a Name articles

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