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TFB posted a new update on their news page for June 13:

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure getting all kinds of E3 coverage

Our game was shown at E3 lately. You can find all kinds of coverage online but my favorite is probably this:

I just wish dwarves had danced a happy gig around the toy statues while medieval mandolin music played. But I guess I could say that about most things.

Anyway, we are all trying to finish up this wild ride that is Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure so I don't have the time of the lucidity to go into a whole lot of details right now but can tell you that we are very excited about this game, we think you will be very excited about this game (you specifically) when you finally get to play it and that it's pretty cool that we were allowed to do something innovative like Skylanders in a time when not everybody gets to do innovative things. It's been a real pleasure working on this title and especially with such great people here at Toys For Bob and at Activision.

Also, feel free to check out our game's website right here: It literally is free!

I have embedded the YouTube video below:

Personally, I think the life-size figures lowering behind the smoke was a bit awkward; the audience had to turn away from the large screens for a moment, tried to look through the smoke to see what characters are behind it.  I was able to see Trigger Happy’s gun and Gill Grunt’s harpoon.  However, it may be more visible from an angle different from the person who recorded the video above.

From what I’ve read, no official release date has been given by Activision  or anyone from Toys for Bob.  I’ve read that Skylanders would be released some time between September 27-30.  In one of the interviews with Jeff Poffenbarger, he stuck to the vague answer “Fall 2011” as the release date.  Here is an interview that Dan Amrich (One of Swords) had with Jeff:

"The thing to remember is we did this internally.  This is Toys for Bob.  We just have a lot of really creative people.  I mean, what this game... and what you're seeing wasn't like somebody came to us and said "Here's a portal of power and here are toys".  It's actually my boss, Paul Reiche and my co‐workers that sat down and did all of it.  Took it to Activision and said 'Hey, look at what we've got'.  I think it goes beyond what the core audience is and speaks to anybody that has a fondness for toys."
‐ Jeff Poffenbarger
"PVP for kids that aren't old enough to play Call of Duty"
‐ Dan Amrich
Dan: When is Skylanders coming out?  Do you have a release...  How close are you to the date?  Is it "nebulus" like fall or is it like "we can tell you a day and a date"?
Jeff (in a monotone voice): Fall 2011.
Dan: Fall‐tember, Fall‐tober?
Jeff (pretending to yawn nervously): Faaaallllll.

I’ve been thinking of why Jeff may not have been allowed to give a specific release date. One reason may be that no specific date has been chosen at all. After all, TFB is still doing some work on the game at the moment. Another reason I thought about is to prevent other publishers from releasing a game on that same date that is in direct competition with Skylanders.

I’m still eager to see how well it will be received from reviews and sales.

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