Epic Trailers

I wanted to write a quick post about two trailers I came across:

The first one is from a user named “JimPlaysGames”. This for his let’s play series which he will be concluding. I like how he crops the user interface of the game to give the impression that everything is a cinematic. His voiceover is very nice and the editing is well done. From watching this trailer, it made me realize that of all the details TFB put into SC2, they even included smaller details such as stars expanding and objects on a planet’s surface blinking to show that it is active and attracts the player’s attention.

Epic Project 6014 Update!

This is a trailer of a recent update to Project 6014 that is also epic and shows off its HD graphics, animations and user-created ships in the melee mode. It plays a remix of the intro theme I’ve never heard before. I really need more time in my life to play this. It’s really awesome to look at and they even included HD fonts. Project 6014 is composed of talented and dedicated fans in the Star Control community. They even created a hi-res starmap for players to download. After begging for an HD-remake of SC2 for many years and trying to wrap our brains around the legal status of Star Control, it’s incredibly awesome to see that the 6014 team not only remade everything in HD, but included a new story for players to sink their teeth into. I highly recommend checking this out and I hope the news continues spreading around. Please check this out. This is a must for any Star Control fan! It may even trigger more fan-mods, which became a legacy for games such as Quake, Half-Life and Unreal.

Thanks, dczanik for reminding me about this. This is a huge step towards keeping Star Control in the spotlight longer.

dczanik’s YouTube channel
Project 6014 website
JimPlaysGames’ YouTube channel
Star Control Fonts

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