"Interstellaria: The 2D space done in the same style as games like Starflight and Star Control, where the main goal is to explore space and have open ended gameplay." - Jonathan P. King, Lead Developer, Coldrice Games
After generations of war a tenuous peace has fallen over the galaxy. For the first time an era of trade and diplomacy reigns. Human corporations, like Star-Ex, have risen to the forefront of human expansion. The universe is a dangerous place, and for those with courage the trade off is simple - they provide the ship, you seek out the profits! - Plot of Interstellaria

Interstellaria is a “2d space SIM/RPG/Sandbox game” with sidescrolling platforming elements by Coldrice Games. It features the increasingly popular retro visual and audio style.

Upon watching the Kickstarter video, it’s obvious that anyone who is fan of Starflight or Star Control will also love this game.  While it is a very different from both games it retains many things we love about Starflight and Star Control such as space/planet exploration, encountering different aliens and ship customization.  While the user may not be controlling a whole fleet of ships, the player will definitely be spending lots of time customizing their flagship and watching over the crew directly.  During combat, the player must defend themselves in real-time, while protecting their crew and repairing their ship in order to survive.

They have surpassed their $15,000 goal, with over $20,000 of funding as of this post. The team behind this game composes of:

  • Jonathan P. King - Main developer/Pixel artist/Coldrice owner
  • Chipzel (Niamh Houston) - Irish, indie chiptune artist. She uses a combination of gameboys and modern hardware to compose and mix energetic electronic dance beats.
  • Illya King - Concept art/design. He is also an indie comic book artist.

The game utilizes the Unity game engine with Matt Rix’s Future framework. Unity is a very popular game engine and is known for its multi-platform capabilities.

Interstellaria deserves to be added to the list of “Awesome Star Control-like Games”.  The trend of unique, independently produced games continues since Kickstarter started.  If Interstellaria reaches the next level at $27,500, there will be:

Expanded alien territories! 3 regions of space are completely expanded! Several new worlds, all new purchasable alien ships, new upgrades, and new alien crewmen for hire!

The Interstellaria project will continue collecting funds until December 6th.  If you can, please make a pledge and support this awesome project.  It’s games like this that will continue to increase demand for space adventure/combat games like Star Control.

Instellaria Kickstarter Page
Installaria on Steam Greenlight
Chipzel’s website

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