Tiny Trek

"...I have dreamed of designing this kind of game since picking up that boxed copy of Starflight back in 86, and loading the two 5 1/4 floppies into my Tandy machine. If I can share that same feeling of wonder and excitement I experienced with that game to the current generation of gamers, Then Tiny Trek will be worth the effort." - Chris Carson, Gamesare, Tiny Trek Kickstarter Page

Like Interstellaria, it resembles a very retro game. However, this one appears even more antiquated, sporting an interlaced effect from the old CRT monitor days.  Featuring procedural generation, Tiny Trek offers a different adventure every time a new game is started; a hostile race in one playthrough may be friendly in the next.  It also features 2D sidescrolling platform action for planet exploration.  Each planet will be unique and changes each time.

As the name would imply, Tiny Trek has been inspired by Star Trek with its brightly-colored shirts, teleportation sequences and the layout of the ship’s bridge with the viewscreen.

Tiny Trek also features something that is familiar to any Star Control fan: 2D space space navigation and combat sequences.  However, it is possible to fight more than one ship at once.

With over a year of game development and the Kickstarter page being created, they have surpassed their $4,000 goal, raising over $5,000 with 23 days remaining as of this post.  The more people back this project, the more they can achieve for Tiny Trek.  If they reach their next objective at $6,000, they will include tools to edit “ships and races, more color options, and the ability to edit your home world”.

Gamesare is composed of Chris Carson and Sam Dillard.  They are no stranger to bite-sized games.  They have made numerous 2D games, some of which are freeware.

It’s awesome to see Tiny Trek has reached its funding goal.  With just under a month left, I hope they continue to get support so this game can give players a chance to play deep space games that have a combination of being unique, easy to learn, entertaining and most of all, clever.

What do you think about Tiny Trek?

Tiny Trek Kickstarter page
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