Star Control II in "Top 10 Free Games" by PC World Canada

On Monday, July 28 2008, Darren Gladstone wrote an article titled “Top 10 Free Games” and listed Star Control as #7 and provided a link to The Ur-Quan Masters of Sourceforge.

"Once upon a time, there was this classic game series called Star Control. It was an action game, a space‐trading and exploration game‐‐and then it was gone. The Ur‐Quan Masters is a full recreation of that classic experience, and now playable on just about every platform. If you've ever fancied yourself as the next Captain Kirk (or Picard, or whatever), you need to try this one out."
‐ Darren Gladstone, PCWorld Canada, July 28 2008

I’m so glad that Star Control is still appearing on video game lists.  Star Control II appeared on a countdown list on 1UP’s 101 Free Games of 2007, and Gamespot’s Greatest Games of All Time.

Check PC World’s Top 10 Free Games if you want to see the other games in the countdown.

Thank you Darren for putting in Star Control.

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