Flattened Out Technical Issues

While looking randomly through my website, I noticed that the YouTube videos I shared here wouldn’t play in Firefox for a moment.  In addition, the deviantArt images didn’t display properly for some reason.  After reading through the HTML code viewing Star Controller with different browsers, and asking for some feedback on the UQM forums, I realized that my current website layout is slightly crude, and as a result, I plan on changing the way I post new articles and how many articles are seen on each page.

I’d like to apologize for the issues mentioned above, and I’d like to admit that in addition to supporting Star Control and Toys for Bob, this website is also helping me learn about web design.  This incident taught me a lot of things about efficiency, quality and aesthetics.

I promise that I will do more thorough testing of the posts I create with major browsers, and this will not hinder the blog and its purpose in any way.

Thanks to everyone for providing me feedback about these issues.  Without them, I wouldn’t have been able to deal with these issues as fast and logically as I did.

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