Star Control Dreams

Yes, I still dream of Star Control but most of them are daydreams.  Yesterday, I had 2 dreams related to Star Control.  They were both short and weird.

The first dream I was driving a car down a long road and it would frequently break down, forcing me to pull over to the side and find some help.  Suddenly, a person would stop behind me and fix up my car and while that person helps me, we’d start talking about how much we love Star Control and how we’d love to play a new one.  After that person fixed my car, I’d resume driving, only to have it stall again minutes later, forcing me to pull over once again, with the result of another Star Control fan stopping by to save my car and provide another friendly conversation about Star Control.  The loop kept repeating.

The second dream, I was listening to the music from Star Control II and its remixes and someone remixed them with hip-hop.  That’s all I can remember.

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