Star Control 1 - Syreen Seductions pt 1

With all the videos of Star Control II and SCnot3 (thanks Zarla for going through all that), moonsdad wanted to show the world what Star Control 1 was like.  He used the infamous DOSBox (DOS emulator) to run this.  The recording program for this emulator has problems with sound, so he took the time to edit it so that there’s classical music in the background, with cartoon bonking sounds whenever they hit the planet, with a few voice samples for the Syreen Song and laughter for the Ur-Quan.

The original audio would be silent with a few 16-bit sounds every time they fire and hit the planet, along with their victory songs.  Although there were other versions of Star Control released on other systems such as the ZX Spectrum, Atari Amiga and the Sega Genesis (aka Mega Drive), most people have played the PC version of Star Control.  This is also where the ship info screens have originated.

There are also simularities to one of Paul Reiche’s previous games, Archon.  In the Full Game campaign, there are turned-based movements, but the board is a 3D starfield instead of a chessboard.  When two opposing units meet at the same spot, they battle in a one-on-one real-time battle.

Star Control 1 is still worth playing, because this has a lot of history in it, and even has a new type of AI, where the computer can either move through the starfield for you, battle for you, or allow the computer to take do both actions and think for themselves.

More information about Star Control can be found at the Pages of Now and Forever.

Thanks moonsdad.

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