The Orz invaded Spore

Pentherapy decided to recreate the Orz species in Spore and it looks just like them.

If I had to describe the appearance of the Orz, I would say that they are a mix between a fish and a parrot.  Their crazy language is hilarious and adds to the mystery of Star Control.

The Orz took over the Androsynth homeworld.  If the player pesters them regarding the wherabouts of the Androsynth, they become enraged and become enemies.  Honestly, I always assumed that the Orz jumped from Quasispace and led an all out attack on the Androsynth and got rid of all the bodies.  However, that is just a quick guess without any real proof that supports it.  The only people who know what happened to the Androsynth are the gods at Toys for Bob.  It’s these mysteries that remind us that there will always be a deep story to tell in the Star Control series that Paul and Fred started.

The Orz Nemesis is a really powerful ship. Its rotating cannon can be used to fire from any angle, such as firing backwards or to the side while circling an enemy.  Its space marines are comparable to the Ur-Quan’s fighters, but can use the planet’s gravitational force to increase their speed, and once they get inside the ship, the opponent cannot fight them off and is forced to wait for them to die out.

Thanks pentherapy for recording this.

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