Star Control 1 - Mmrnmhrm Maneuvers

Moonsdad brings us another blast from the past with some Mmrnmhrm Transformer tactics in Star Control 1.  The background music is the song “There is no law” by Messiah.

In Star Control II, the Transformer was renamed to X-Form, presumably for legal reasons.  Anyone can make a patent for just about anything nowadays. :S

It’s a really cool ship.  The ability to switch between 2 different forms creates a unique set of strategy.  The X-Wing form has a powerful dual laser that concentrates fire at a single point, but the ship has slow speed and a fast turning radius.  The Y-Form fires 2 weak missiles that can turn towards the enemy if fired at the right angle, fast speed, but a slow turning radius.  Switching between forms also cost battery power, so a player must determine what time is right for both forms and whether or not to sacrifice the battery power to have a different set of strengths and weaknesses.

Thanks Moonsdad for the video.

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