Chris Remo Loves Star Control

I was reading some news on Gamasutra when I found a very interesting reference to Star Control in one of them:

"Today's news should increase the likelihood the Tulsa, Oklahoma‐based studio will live to celebrate its eighteenth birthday in its namesake year when, according to Toys for Bob's <em>Star Control</em> series, nearly a million will perish in an event known as the Small War."
‐ "Developer 2015 Gets Funding, Opens Casual Game Studio", Chris Remo

The Small War of 2015 was a year where about a dozen weapons of mass destruction were unleashed on Earth and the Androsynth were created.

After doing some further reading, I realized that Chris Remo is a very busy person.  He helped in founding, worked as an editor-in-chief of ShackNews, editor-at-large of Gamesutra and co-hosts the Played Podcast.  I thought this was awesome and I contacted him regarding his feelings towards Star Control.  This is what he had to say:

"I played tons of Star Control and Star Control II back in the day, and I'd love to see Toys for Bob able to make a new entry in the series. I interviewed Paul a couple years ago when they were finishing up Downhill Jam, and we talked about how they wanted to do a sequel and how he has a number of ideas for it.

Anyway, I'm definitely a fan. I feel that with the success of Stardock's Galactic Civlizations series and the Ironclad‐developed, Stardock‐published Sins of a Solar Empire, it has been proven that there is a real market for games like Star Control‐‐obviously, it's not exactly the same thing, but generally the idea of a spacefaring large‐scale strategy game is something that has appeal. As you have noted on your blog, the Space stage in Spore is yet more evidence of that."
‐ Chris Remo

On May 20 2006, FileShack released a HD video interview between Chris and the god himself, Paul Reiche III.  After talking about Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam for five minutes, Chris asked him about Star Control before the interview was over:

Video link

After the interview, Paul granted Chris the ability to fly and to blow things up using his mind (just kidding).  Like I’ve said before, it’s great to know that there are people out there who are involved in the video game industry who are fans of Star Control and took some time to throw in a few Star Control references.  Many people believe that Star Control II is an obscure game that 99% of the world has never played, and with people mentioning Star Control in articles, it shows that the series is has more appeal than just a “cool DOS game”.

Thank you Chris for your response and supporting Star Control.  Chris has his own blog, called Remowned.

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