Another Star Control Dream

I just woke up a few minutes ago, and I had another short dream related to Star Control.  I was wandering around in an electronics store and I stumbled into the video game section of the store.  I don’t remember which store I was in.  I was walking around looking at games.

Anyways, I walked around, I saw a DVD case labelled “Star Control”.  I don’t remember if it was the first game, Star Control II, a sequel or some weird remake.  I immediately picked it up and I opened the case.  There was a disc labelled “Star Control” with a cool design on it. and a paper manual attached to the side.  There was a seperate piece of paper with a list of names and someone told me to get their autographs.

I closed the DVD case and I woke up.  It’s cool to have Star Control dreams.  It shows that I think about the games more than I thought, which is a good thing.  I’m not going crazy or anything like that.  It could be foreshadowing the day I do walk into the store to buy it.  I’d have to look this up in a dream dictionary for more details.

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