Michael Pachter Says Star Control Has Potential

Michael Pachter is an analyst at Wedbush Morgan Securities, dealing with entertainment software and retail.  He is also a frequent guest on the show Bonus Round on GameTrailers.  He provides plenty of insight such as how much money a gamer will pay for a high profile like Grand Theft Auto IV, how many people bought a PlayStation 3 for blu-ray movies and how Wii Music may have good sales and bad reviews.

With his knowledge of the video game industry, I sent him an e-mail about Toys for Bob’s desire to make a new Star Control with Activision.  Here’s what he wrote in his e-mail response:

"I am not familiar with the game, but since Activision bought Toys for Bob, I’m sure that they are well aware of the game’s potential.  I may have played it in the past (the name SOUNDS familiar, but I can’t be sure), but since I’ve played a few thousand games over the last 15 years, I am ashamed to admit that I don’t remember it.

It sounds interesting.  I think that sci‐fi is an underexploited category, and think that it has a tremendous amount of potential."
‐ Michael Pachter

Although he doesn’t exactly remember Star Control, it’s nice to hear from him that “it has a tremendous amount of potential” and that he’s sure that Activision is well aware of this.  I completely agree that science fiction is “an underexploited category”.  There are still sci-fi games being made and it’s never the majority of games.  I’m still a diehard sci-fi fan and that will never change no matter what’s popular today.  I love games that are science fiction or fantasy because when I play these games, I can forget about the real world I live in and immerse myself in another world and be entertained by things that I will most likely never do in real life.  Star Control isn’t just a single game nor does it revolve around a single character.  It’s an entire universe full of strange aliens that affect the game’s plot somehow, different ships, branching storylines and really awesome music that is unique and represents each race.

Thank you Michael for taking the time to write back to me.

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