XNA Star Control 2

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I know that people who visit the official UQM forums frequently are aware of this project to create a version of The Ur-Quan Masters that can run on the Xbox 360 and PC using Microsoft’s XNA Studio.  Mr. Brian is doing a great job and not being intimidated by the differences between C++ and C#.

I’m glad that there are still people out there who are taking the time to port the game to different consoles.  Out of all the console ports, this version and the GP2X port are the only console ports that do not require the console itself to be modified or the use of any unlicensed techniques to get the code to run.

It’s a really nice port and it looks like Mr. Brian is very persistent and dedicated, and he even mentioned on his XNA blog that he got a lot of work done on the long weekend.  I’m excited to see more. :P

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