10 New Star Control Userbars

After Alex Ness announced that TFB would like to make a new Star Control game with Activision, I wanted to find ways to help spread the word and at least help people show that they are fans of the series. I discovered something called “userbars”, a 350 x 19 pixel image that can be used as a thread signature and can be mixed with other signatures to express different interests. I decided to make Star Control userbars, and on May 26, 2006, I posted a thread of the UQM forums called “Star Control Sigs”.

I received lots of feedback and people loved them. It’s been a long time since that post, and those userbars were added as a seperate page on this blog. Since then, I haven’t made any new ones.  I even got an e-mail from Cheepguava about the lack of any Yehat userbars:

"I love your website and I think it's a great idea. I was wondering about your userbars - why no love for the Yehat?"
- Cheepguava

I know a lot of time passed since that e-mail, and I never forgot about it while I was in my final year at college. I would like to present to you the 10 newest Star Control userbars:

So, there you have it!  I have also added them to the Userbars page.  Enjoy!

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