Brian Freyermuth Loves Star Control

Brian Freyermuth is one of the designers involved in the first Fallout game and its first spinoff, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel.  In addition, he was also the lead designer of the game Run Like Hell.

In an interview with No Mutants Allowed, he was asked what his favorite games are.  He had this to say:

"I love role‐playing games. Fantasy, Sci‐Fi, you name it, I devour them. Yet, if I have to name a favorite, that would be Star Control 2. The music, the exploration, the humor, and even the role playing elements make this truly one of the greatest games ever created. I've played the open source version at least twice since it was released."
‐ Brian Freyermuth

Although I’ve never played any of the Fallout games yet, it’s great to hear that one of the designers of one of the greatest games of all time chose Star Control as his favorite.  It’s awesome to hear that there are people working in the video game industry who remember Star Control and find ways to say the name whenever they discuss games in the past.

You can read the full interview at No Mutants Allowed.

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