what we've got cookin' could be just as cool"

The gods at TFB have spoken:

"Madagascar 2 Shipped!

Our most recent game, Madagascar 2, has shipped!  We've already sold close to 10 million copies.  Alright, maybe that statement is not based on any real hard data, or even any real soft data, but something that is true is that we are really proud of the game and hope you folks that pick it up like it too.  For the Star Control fans, I'm sorry to inform you that our next game will not be a new Star Control game, but it is very likely that what we've got cookin' could be just as cool, so look out!"
‐ Toys for Bob News, January 14 2009

It’s been so long since the TFB news page has been updated and it’s great to read about what they’re up to.  Even though it’s not Star Control, I’m just glad that they wrote something.  I’ve never stopped crossing my fingers, except for having to write this post.

It’s not easy to convince a giant company such as Activision-Blizzard to approve a game as unique as Star Control.  That does not mean that it’s impossible!  I still remember that Alex wrote that the people from Activision had some interest in Star Control:

"Well, we have talked to our parent company Activision about doing a Star Control sequel, quite seriously, and there did honestly seem to be some real live interest on their part.  At least on the prototype and concept‐test level."
‐ Toys for Bob News, June 14 2007

The only information we have so far about their next project is that they are currently working on another game that is not Star Control.  I don’t think it is Madagascar 3 because there is no way that can be described as “just as cool” as Star Control.  It’s another mystery and I await any clues, announcements and especially trailers for more information.  I am aware of their policy of not revealing what the game is until a certain amount of time has passed.

I really can’t think of what it could possibly be.  Some people have speculated about a sequel to Tony Hawk’s Downhill Jam.  The fact that they wrote that what they’re working on “could be just as cool” as Star Control leaves me clueless.  What could TFB be working on that could be as cool as Star Control?  I could write a list of random baseless guesses, but I have no way of knowing the chances of it being correct.  Is it a new Intellectual Property title, or another licensed idea from Activision?

I thought about the possibility of them adding an obscure Star Control reference in whatever game they’re working on.  However, I’m not sure how Activision-Blizzard would react to it.  For example, Wimbli’s trident appears in Star Control II and later on in The Horde.

In summary, we have another “What is TFB up to” mystery and only time can give us more clues and someday, maybe even a trailer.

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