Let's Play UQM 32 - Nerdy Space Lovin'

Redpowervan continues his Let’s Play videos of UQM and encounters the Ur-Quan, helps the Syreen have revenge on the Mycon and witnesses the infamous black-screen love scene.  His reaction and commentary are hilarious.

Newcomers to the Ur-Quan Masters may feel stuck at this part of the game where they must convince the Mycon to go to Organon.  They do not mention the location of their homeworld in the 3DO version and since UQM is based on the 3DO source code, it also lacks this important piece of information.

"You are actually asking on the wrong planet. There is a remark by the Mycon on Beta Brahe in the PC version of Star Control II which clarified this, but as no speech was recorded for it for the 3DO, it is also missing from The Ur‐Quan Masters."
‐ UQM Wiki, Star Control II Gameplay FAQ

I remember there was a discussion on the UQM forums about whether or not the text should be added in with no speech, make custom speech or give the option to switch to the PC dialog which didn’t have this discrepancy.

I suddenly remembered some interesting things Paul Reiche said about the Syreen:

"Recording the dialog for the Syreen was one of the most awkward experiences in my adult life.  She [Madeline Wild] as the parent of one of my kid's friends (I think) and we were alone in the office.  She was quite professional, but I kept blushing and coughing."

"The Syreen went through a bit of a transformation from SC1 to SC2. At first they were space succubi (how DO you spell that). In SC2 I felt compelled to give them a lot more 'reason' to act the way they do."

"Syreen song = glass of white wine vs. Dynarri compulsion = intravenous lab alcohol+horse tranquilizer"
‐ Paul Reiche, June 13 2007 IRC Chat

In this video, the captain’s name is Internet and the flagship is called Youtubes.  So, in other words, he is Captain Internet of the starship Youtubes.  He’s considering changing the names every now and then.  If you have any suggestions of what the names could be if he wants to change them, feel free to send him your choices in a private message to his Youtube account, Redpowervan.

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