A Very Special Thanks to Fwiffo the Spathi

(Video removed) Skip to 1:51 to see “Fwiffo the Spathi”

On May 22 2009, Nightshadow posted on the UQM Forums about a WiiWare game called Swords & Soldiers. He was reading through the credits and noticed that of all the names under special thanks, our beloved Fwiffo was one of them.

Swords & Soldiers is a sidescrolling real-time strategy game developed by Ronimo Games.  They have created the freeware version of de Blob for PC before THQ picked it up and turned it into a Wii game.

Swords & Soldiers costs 1000 Wii Points ($10.00) to purchase.  It has a zany plot which involves chilis, sauce, an enemy named Lovsbattl and more.  The levels are very short and is great for anyone who wants to play a level for 20 minutes or less.

The biggest factor that made me buy the game is the fact that Fwiffo’s name is in the credits and they have a decent sense of humor.  There are more people in their Special Thanks sections than the people working at Ronimo games and there are so many to thank in addition to Fwiffo.  I’d love to see more developers add Fwiffo under the Special Thanks section in their games.  cough  I said… I’d love to see MORE developers add Fwiffo under the Special Thanks section in their games! :P

If anyone wants to play a WiiWare game and not sure what to get, give Swords & Soldiers a shot.  Any friend of Fwiffo is a friend of ours! :D

Thanks Nightshadow for posting about this on the UQM forums and everyone at Ronimo Games for their work and taking a few extra seconds to enter “Fwiffo the Spathi”.  It’s awesome when Star Control references pop up by surprise.

Swords & Soldiers homage to Star Control on UQM Forums
Dogar And Kazon pay homage to Ronimo Games

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