Farewell Shaba Games

I’ve been reading through a list of video game related news and I discovered that Shaba Games closed their studios on October 8, 2009.  I never feel good about a video game studio closing down.  The last game that they made was Spider-Man: Web of Shadows. The reason why I am writing about Shaba games is because a few years ago I remember receiving a response to one of my e-mails from Alex about asking other developers supporting the idea of a new Star Control.  He told me that some people from Shaba Games have shown support for a new Star Control game.  Any friend of TFB is a friend of ours.  After reading the news about Shaba Games, I wrote a letter to Alex about it.  Here’s what he told me:

Yeah, too bad about Shaba, huh?  We have actually been hiring some of their people since we need a lot for this current project we’re working on. Hopefully the rest will find work soon.  You are right that there were some big time Star Control fans over there.  Their former studio head, Chris, has suggested several times to Activision’s top brass that they let us make a sequel.  He’s a good guy for sure.

Anyway, speaking of our next project, while I can’t officially say jack squat about it yet, I can tell you that I think you might dig it.  Probably not as much as you’d like another Star Control game but I think this title will interest you.  It’s not another game based on an animated movie, thank God, and it does have some cool story and gameplay elements that feel more classic Toys For Bob.  Supposed to be coming out this time next year.

So yeah, things are going well over here.  We’re all super busy but happy to be working on something real fun.  And we’re growing.  I think we have about 50 people now, which is weird for us.

Take care,


It’s great to know that the TFB crew is growing and now we have more clues about what TFB is working on.  Now I’m even more excited about whatever it is they are working on.  I’ll definitely keep my eye on this.  Who knows what will happen between now and next year?

Thank you Chris and everyone else at Shaba who supported TFB, and thank you Alex for writing back and giving some clues about TFB’s current project.

Kotaku: Activision Lays Off Shaba’s Ranks, Closes Studio [update]

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