SC2 Cameos in Zarla's DDR Video

I was reading some of the forum threads on the UQM Forums when I came across a thread called “zarla sheenaza - a tribute to StarCon Goddess”.  Zarla is known for her artwork on DeviantArt.  Some of her images can be seen during the installation process of The Ur-Quan Masters.  In addition to Star Control, she has also drawn images from Metroid, Metal Gear Solid, Phoenix Wright, Pikmin, Pokémon and EarthBound.  She has a fascination with Admiral ZEX and his love for humans.

At the end of the video, it shows a list of characters that appeared.  Here are the appearances from Star Control:

SC2 CameosNicely done as always, Zarla.

UQM: zarla sheenaza - a tribute to Star Con goddess
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Zarla’s Star Control Webpage
Zarla’s LiveJournal: We’re sending out an invitation, to everyone in every nation

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