SC2 Intro Remake

This is one of six songs in a free album called “reTracked Patterns” by various artists:

"I took 6 songs by famous tracker musicians of early 90s and reworked them in Apple Garage Band with a few additional software synthesizers."

This is the first song played in the PC version of Star Control II which describes the aftermath of the Ur-Quan war.

The original composer is Dan Nicholson

Manwe (Alexander Matchugovsky) composed this remix. It’s a really cool remake; it sounds fairly close to the original, with an electric guitar and synth sounds added. It’s good to see that there are more remixes of SC2 music emerging; a good sign that there is still a strong fan base. Think about any of your video games. Have you heard any remixes or seen the original tracks uploaded to a popular site such as YouTube?

Here is the link to the MP3: Star Control 2 intro

Thanks Alexander for taking the time to do the remake. I know there are remixes out there that I haven’t listened to yet.  I’d love to play them in Audiosurf if I ever had the time. For example, there are newer tracks from TheMisterCat that I still haven’t heard.  I’ll add “remixes” to my mental to-do list.

Pkunk’s Not Dead
PONAF: Star Control Fan Music

Edit: Crediting the right people for the remix and pointing out that Dan was responsible for the original music.

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