SC2 in PC Gamer Top 100 and GamesRadar

I purchased the March issue of PC Gamer and discovered that the top 100 list is not there; after looking at the CD included, I found the previous February issue in digital form.

This is NOT the list that was made from user votes:

These 100—chosen globally by the staff of PC Gamer and PC Gamer UK and other PC gaming experts around the world—represent not just the highest of PC gaming culture, but also its variety, its daring, and its pioneering spirit. Each of our writers was asked to nominate 15 of their favorite games, in order. Their votes were collated, and arranged into the list you find here. Writers were then free to comment on their choices, or those of others. The results are the essential curriculum for every fan of PC gaming. The results are the essential curriculum for every fan of PC gaming. And now you can get in on the action, too! We’re offering our readers, the chance to produce your own Top 100. To take part, visit and let us know what’s in your Top 100!
‐ "The Top 100 PC Games of All Time", PC Gamer, Feb 2010

Star Control II was #55 on this list. Here’s what “D” had to say:

It combined the space adventuring of Starflight (or Star Trek) with the simple but addictive combat from Asteroids, and populated its openended universe with misfit aliens who ranged from genocidal Xenophobes to rude pterodactyls and taught us that Frungy was the sport of kings.
‐ "D", "The Top 100 PC Games of All Time", PC Gamer, Feb 2010

Dan Virkler sent me an e-mail a while ago about how Star Control II was listed as one of “30 commercial games released as FREE” on GamesRadar:

Star Control II was the best reasons to own a 3DO. Explore space, interact with other species, gather resources to improve your ship, and blast your friends to bits with this classic piece of sci‐fi software.
‐ Tyler Nagata, "30 commercial games released as FREE", GamesRadar

When I think of the 3DO, I realize that the first time I heard about this console was when I started to learn more about Star Control; when I first discovered that The Ur-Quan Masters was based on the 3DO code released by Toys for Bob, I started to wonder what the 3DO is.

The March issue of PC Gamer does not have the top 100 list of fan-chosen PC games; it only has an article titled “Games of the year award” for PC games in 2009. This is the second time I attempted to spread the word about something I’ve seen in PC Gamer; the first was voting TFB as the 50th best developer to be added in their “top 49” list. With regards to that, they’ve never posted the results to that and they were probably curious about what we would have chosen.

The thing that confused me is that the February issue of PC Gamer mentioned voting on now, when the site was up months ago!  I wrote to someone, asking if our votes still count; I still haven’t received a response.  Lukipela posted something on the SCDB that I agree with:

My thoughts are that I usually ignore these things. Star Control II may be a great game. It may even be the greatest game. But I don't see how voting it up on whatever list is currently topical helps much. In this case though, since meep has started his initiative and all I can see a point to it.
‐ Lukipela

Voting for Star Control has no direct impact on Star Control itself. It’s great to see it pop up in countdowns and it will take more than that to show that there can be new Star Control games made today that will be successful.

I don’t have a subscription; I only buy the magazine whenever I hear about something interesting. I’m probably not going to use anything from PC Gamer for Star Control-related things anymore. It’s a great magazine and very popular; I respect their editor’s choice reviews, mainstream coverage and strong support for PC gaming. They’re very busy people with plenty of competition and I respect that. Based on what I’ve tried to do with 2 of the things I read from PC Gamer and the fact that they haven’t followed up with either one as of this posting, I’m not sure that it’s something that could benefit Star Control.

With regards to the “Campaign for a new Star Control”, I think we should take into account TFB’s current unannounced title; it will be something new, with a classic TFB feel, not based off another license and their biggest project yet.  If this game is successful, it can prove that TFB  is highly-talented with great ideas that can generate profit.  I wonder how many video game ideas they have in their minds. :D

I’d like to thank Dan for the GamesRadar link, Tyler for saying kind things about Star Control II and also “D” for saying some kind things about Star Control II in the March 2010 PC Gamer magazine.

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