Archon Classic – Light Campaign: Vagabond Archers

(Video removed)

This is the third level in the light campaign.  I find it ironic that I utilized the archers more than the knights despite the fact that plot is about the knights rescuing the archers in a burning village; their ranged attacks really gave me an advantage.  I tried using the knights and they died.  After watching the recording, I realized that I didn’t maneuver as well as I should have and I didn’t pay much attention to the player stats  It’s hard to see in the video, but if I select a unit, it tells me information such as health, strength and speed.  I will make sure to use different units to keep things interesting.

I am also starting to realize that it is essential to keep track of the light, dark and neutral squares and how they never stay the same.  I also noticed that the computer can insist on staying on dark squares while I insist of staying on light squares.  It makes me think of square dancing.

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